Unending quest for speed.

Today it’s time to refine ( implement slightly better ) the collision algorithm. I’m using 10,000 volumes against the terrain which I’m rebuilding per frame … this is a massive hit on the CPU …  the mission today is to remove/lessen that hit. But first, displaying the results of the collisions requires visualisation and that’s not being done efficiently which is obscuring the timing results ( psychologically ). At the start of the day, I’m getting roughly 28 ms to do the work, switching off rendering brings that down to 1.9ms … the solution is to render the collision meshes in one go and not individually ( obviously. )

And then he realised that each triangle mesh was stored in a different vertex buffer forming 10,000 disparate meshes having nothing to do with instancing … buffer accumulation it is then … he thought.


The white triangles represent the places where the collision volumes have intersected the terrain mesh triangles. There are 200k+ triangles used to represent the intersections and so many draw calls and buffer swaps that the renderer can barely function.

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