Collision Detection.

I’ve been searching for a solution to ray/triangle collision detection on the terrain for a while now.  Obviously it is very easy to determine which voxels a ray collides with but which triangles does the ray collide with? Since this is not a voxel renderer like you’d expect with Sparse Voxel Octrees ( SVO ),  I’m left with a lot of triangles that must be stored in a way that are accessible from the raycaster. But I’m using XP and have a system that only has 2Gb of memory. The number of triangles is so vast that I’m perpetually running out of RAM and cannot accumulate to reduce … This problem is quite acute and an obvious solution is simply to get more memory but that implies moving to Windows 7 and I’m targetting the editor at XP … problem. Which was solved by … not storing the triangles. An elaborate form of caching and instancing has been implemented that removes the need to even store the triangles. This places the computational burdon on to the CPU … not much of a problem since I’m targetting duel core and was only experiencing about 5% cpu utilisation on one of the cores anyway …

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