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A good place to write down maths for quick referencing?

Mathematical niggles.

The numbers i, Π & e are special, with i being special in an awkward way. Since it can be shown that i² equals both 1 and -1, a contradiction that is swept under the carpet for fear of a … Continue reading

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Entropy and procedural content.

There’s a strange ( a.k.a interesting ) consequence of working with procedural buildings and … procedural content in general. In all cases, the hard part is to construct an algorithm that can produce something that looks plausible, which is much … Continue reading

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Tit for Tat

I’ve been fascinated by the Prisoner’s Dilemma ever since I first encountered it. It goes something like this. You have two prisoners which are under interrogation. They have only two choices. Choice A:  Stay silent. Choice B:  Betray the other … Continue reading

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